The Use of Recycled Materials in Highway Construction

The use of waste byproducts in lieu of virgin materials, for instance, would relieve some. of the burden associated with disposal and may provide an inexpensive and advantageous construction product. Current research on the beneficial use of waste byproducts as highway construction materials has identified several promising uses for these ...

Carbon Footprint of Recycled Aggregate Concrete

8/30/2017 · Carbon footprint is one of the most widely used tools for assessing the environmental impacts of the production and utilization of concrete as well as of the components derived from it, representing the amount of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases associated with this product, expressed as CO 2 equivalents. In this paper, carbon footprint was used to compare the environmental ...


the service loads due to poor design/bad-construction or the service loads overpowers the concrete strength due to mostly upward adaptation of buildings beyond what the building was originally designed for. Failure in substandard reinforced concrete is broadly based on the use of substandard materials or poor production process.

Utilization of Waste Plastic and Recycle Concrete

Utilization of Waste Plastic and Recycle Concrete Aggregate in Production of Hot Mix Asphalt Basim H. Al-Humeidawi ... The other waste material which can be recycled to be used in road construction is the Recycled Concrete Aggregate (RCA). RCA can be obtained from construction debris, where demolished

Optimize Building Space and Material Use | WBDG

Construction and Demolition Debris Recycling, California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) Construction Waste Management Database—Contains information on companies that haul, collect and process recyclable debris from construction projects. Created in 2002 by GSA's Environmental Strategies and Safety Division to ...


Utilization of waste glass is used as an aggregate, resulting in obvious difference in the structure of the concrete including reduced bond between the aggregate and the cement paste. The

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5 waste management tips for the construction industry

Mar 23, 2018 · The following are tips for sustainable waste management in construction: Minimize waste. Some building-related waste can be minimized. For example, construction products can be selected on the basis of its being designed and manufactured to be shipped with minimal packaging.

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UTILIZATION OF CONSTRUCTION AND DEMOLITION DEBRIS UNDER TRAFFIC-TYPE LOADING IN BASE AND SUBBASE APPLICATIONS. As construction and remediation take place throughout New Jersey, the amount of construction and demolition debris increases, while the availability of landfill space decreases.

The Application of Recycled Aggregates of Construction

The Application of Recycled Aggregates of Construction Debris in Asphalt Concrete Mix Design Abdoli, M. A.1*, Fathollahi, A.1, Babaei, R.1 1 F acul tyofE nv i rm e ,U s T h I ABSTRACT:The purpose of this research was to evaluate the application of recycled aggregates of construction

Geopolymer concrete made from waste is the concrete of a

Jun 30, 2017 · The TU Delft team is working on a sustainable type of concrete made from waste products: geopolymer concrete. ... Geopolymer concrete made from waste is the concrete of a sustainable future ...

C D debris: Construction and dismantling (Journal Article

After years of sophisticated recycling efforts in the field of construction and demolition (C D) debris cleanup, today's construction sites are beginning to show signs of a change in philosophy: Today's lumber scraps and concrete rubble are tomorrow's raw materials. With this transformation from ...

13-3 Effective Utilization of Concrete Debris Generated from

By the end of FY 2011, the government had confirmed the correctness of our measurements and evaluation results on about 1900 tons of concrete debris (Fig.13-6). We processed the concrete debris that was approved by the government for recycling, and then the Ibaraki Construction Technology Center verified that the debris met the quality ...

Construction Waste Recycling

Construction Waste Recycling. Construction Waste, sometimes referred to as "Construction & Demolition Debris" or "C&D", is generated during construction, remodeling, building repair, cleanup, or demolition. Construction waste contains many different types of materials, most of which are recyclable at facilities listed in this section.

Construction and Demolition Debris Weight to Volume Conversion

Construction and Demolition Debris Weight to Volume Conversion Note: These numbers are used throughout this training Volume Weight (pounds) Weight (tons) Trash2 Residential waste (uncompacted at curb) 1 cubic yard 150 – 300 .075 – .15 Commercial-industrial waste (uncompacted) 1 cubic yard 300 – 600 .15 – .30

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Utilization of Recycled Wastes as Ingredients in Concrete Mix

Construction debris which consists of concrete, plaster, metal, wood and plastics were used as a partial and completely replacement of coarse aggregate in proportions 50% and 100% by weight ...

Recycled Construction Debris as Concrete Aggregate for

This study explores the potential use of construction waste for the development of sustainable construction materials in order to obtain economic returns from the waste. After processing the construction debris into gravel, the amount of reclaimed material from the waste was calculated, and then aggregate tests were conducted.

The Application of Recycled Aggregates of Construction Debris

recycled aggregates of construction debris such as concrete, cement block and rubbles from Pars-Kangan site in asphalt concrete mix design. The main purposes of research were to evaluate: - The possibility of using construction debris as primer layer of hot asphalt concrete pavements. - Approaches for local applications of sulfur in asphalt

(PDF) Utilization of Building Debris as Aggregates in

PDF | On May 12, 2019, K. W. D. Sanjeewa and others published Utilization of Building Debris as Aggregates in Stone Columns | Find, read and cite all the research you need on ResearchGate

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Construction Materials Industry

The construction materials industry consists of a wide range of companies involved in the mining, ... concrete, and marble are used in this industry. ... U.S. construction waste debris generation ...

Sustainable Utilization of Construction and Demolition Waste

El-Haggar S., Samaha A. (2019) Sustainable Utilization of Construction and Demolition Waste. In: Roadmap for Global Sustainability — Rise of the Green Communities. Advances in Science, Technology & Innovation (IEREK Interdisciplinary Series for Sustainable Development). Springer, Cham. First Online 09 May 2019

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Suitability Investigation of Recycled Concrete Aggregates

In developing countries, construction and demolition waste (CDW) is disposed to landfill, causing social, environmental, and economic crises. In these nations, CDW exponentially increase due to their rapid economic growth, industrialization, and urbanization. This paper aims to examine the possibility of recycling concrete waste for production of new concrete in Ethiopia. Physical and ...

Construction and Demolition (C&D) Debris

4.2 - Utilization of GIS and existing spatial data Construction & Demolition Debris 4.3 - Utilization of Digital Orthophoto Quads Construction & Demolition Debris;Concrete;Emergency Authorization Waste (Storm Debris);Wood (Brush/ Branches/ Trees/ Page 22 of 496 02/10/2020 Construction and Demolition (C&D) Debris - Solid Waste Management ...

Recycling Concrete Debris from Construction and Demolition Waste

and economic benefits. This experimental study aimed to use crushed concrete debris as alternative fine aggregate in a mortar mixture. A conventional mortar mixture will be compared to concrete debris mixture of the same proportions. Keywords: Aggregate, concrete debris, construction material, mortar mixture, recycled waste 1. Introduction